Fall Fine Art 2017 Accepted Works

The Medford Arts Center is proud to announce the following works were accepted into Fall Fine Art 2017 Exhibition. Thank you so much for your participation and support of the arts in Medford.

If you do not see your work listed below, please pick up this Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Sept 22, 23 & 24 between the hours of 1 and 5 PM. Thank you!

…and the pursuit of happiness Catherine Kuzma
A Drifting Dream Jessica C. Phelps
A Rose Is A Rose Doris Peltzmam
A Very Puzzling Still Life Carolyn Peterson
Along The Avenue Joyce McAfee
Arrival Catherine Kuzma
At Kirby’s Mill, Medford Richard Hoffman
Beyond The Black-Out Curtain Marjorie Taylor
Blood & Darkness Gene D’Agostino
Busby’s Store Ron Gassert
Calm Water Joyce McAfee
Canal, Venice Indrani Choudhury
Chickadee Kim Baker
Cornstalks and Pumpkins Marlene Craig
Eagle In Flight Pamela M. Scribner
Elk In Snow Storm Wendy S. Abramowitz
Emmy Catherine Scannell
End Of Summer Irvane Spracklin
Farm Fair Reflection Joyce McAfee
Finding Shells Susan Barnes
Florals and Fruit Ginny Ogden
Fort Lauderdale  Sail Patick Monaghan
Girl Under Umbrella Joy Hoffman
Hello Jan Becker
Hills Of Tuscany Diana Gawlinski
Ice Melting Linda Hibbs
In Straitened Cicumstances AH Smith
Incoming Tide Sandra Reilly
It’s Forth Of July Caroline Mangan
Leaning Tree Joy Hoffman
Moving Across The Field Catherine Kuzma
Nostalgia #1 Hanging Out Barry Levy
Nostalgia #2 Playing Marbles Barry Levy
Old Littleton Mill Patick Monaghan
Oranges On Blue Catherine Scannell
Pennsylvania Creek Jan Becker
Pomegranates Madelyn N. Klein
Poppy, Orchid and Bird of Paradise In Blue Vase Doris Peltzmam
Primordial Bill Schnug
Province Town Patick Monaghan
Purple Pears Arlene B. Potter
Red Zone Barbara March
Red, white and Blue Catherine Scannell
Rose Inside A Glass Cloche Bell Ann May Kelly
Ruff Ellen Barnett
Sea’s Edge Irvane Spracklin
Set Te Anchor Jessica C. Phelps
Spotlights Christine Wagner
Steel Water Runs Deep Indrani Choudhury
Still Kim Baker
Strawberry Moon Barbara March
Sur La rue Kim Baker
The Blue Candelabra Sharon Paisner
The Collectors Sharon Paisner
The Dam At Pemberton Gene D’Agostino
The Heart Of The Home Patricia Walker
The Sawyer’s House, Medford Richard Hoffman
The Sun Before The Storm Ann May Kelly
The Swimmers JJ Cebular
The Yearling Sandra Chase
The Yellow House Dino Sistilli
title name
Waiting For Christmas Joyce Linda Sichel
Washington Square (Philadelphia) Indrani Choudhury
Wetlands Moon Linda Hibbs
Wissahicken Memorial Bridge Richard Hoffman

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