Medford ArtWalk, 2nd Fridays, 6-9 pm

Mark your calendars…Medford ArtWalk is the 2nd Friday of each month on Main Street. Each month there are new exhibits, food and refreshments. Make it a night! Visit 9 other gallery spaces, meet the artists and hit the breweries on Main Street during ArtWalk.

Braddock’s Tavern and Sole Obsessions has joined Medford ArtWalk!!!!
Go to a least 4 ArtWalk locations and pick-up a raffle ticket from each, bring them to Braddock’s and get 50% off one drink! While you are there take a look at Susan Barnes, Lael Rutherford and Lesha Moore’s beautiful work!

10 Locations to visit on Medford ArtWalk!

Starting from Route 70 going south on Main

32 North Main, Curbside Skate Shop
18 North Main, Medford Arts Center
6 South Main, Hansen Warner Gallery, Pat Worley
14 South Main, Lower Forge
21 South Main, Medford Memorial Community Center
33 South Main, 2nd Floor, Photo 33 Gallery, Richard Bell
33 South Main, 2nd Floor, Sandy Sandy Art on Main
34 South Main, Sole Obsessions
39 South Main, Braddock’s Tavern
2 Friends Ave, Scrambled Eggz

This is your opportunity to see wonderful art of local artists in beautiful downtown Medford. Support the Arts!

Everyone is welcome to attend this free event.

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